Breeze A, B

For ventilation of the underground garage, forced exhaust ventilation is provided. It is made of galvanized steel ducts and equipped with a centrifugal fan. The air will be sucked 50% of the upper and 50% of the lower area of ​​the car park (at a height of 0.2m from the floor), providing a multiplicity of air exchange greater than 3 in 1 hour. The exhaust air will be thrown over the crest of the building. Compensation of the exhausted air will be accomplished through a passive compensation installation.

The fan delivering the required flow and head has parameters of 2400 m3/h 270Pa. Ventilation grilles are type HN 400/100 with adjustable sections.

For forced ventilation, forced suction ventilation is provided. It is carried out by a duct fan mounted by means of a circular cross-section of an air duct. The ventilation grid is 200/100 with a section and a box and the air discharge is above the building's crest.