Atanas Manolov str. N1

For ventilation of the underground garage, forced exhaust ventilation is provided. It is constructed with galvanized sheet metal ducts and equipped with a centrifugal fan in a soundproof box (located in a technical room). The air will be sucked 50% of the upper and 50% of the lower area of ​​the car park (at a height of 0.2m from the floor), providing a multiplicity of air exchange of not less than 3 in 1 hour. The exhaust air will be thrown to the roof of the building. Compensation of the exhausted air will be accomplished through a passive compensation installation. The fan providing the required flow and head has a 6500 m3/h 350Pa parameter. Ventilation grilles are type HN 400/100 with adjustable sections.
For ventilation of the underground garage in case of fire, forced exhaust ventilation is provided for smoke and heat removal. It is carried out by means of a duct fan located at elevation ± 0.00 immediately after leaving the air duct from the underground garage above the slab. The fan has parameters 11000 m3/h 350Pa. The distribution of the air duct network in the underground parking lot is in the center of the room along the whole length with a uniform distribution of the ventilation grilles.
The fan is provided with a minimum fire rating rating of F300. For a borehole, the grille part of the door in front of the platform, with holes 1,2 m from floor level, meeting the requirements of Art.118, para.1, the upper edge of the holes being at least 1 m high below the upper end of the non-removable zone (H = 2.20 m). The ASC will be powered as a first-class user via a diesel generator. For activation of the fire alarm system, the design and execution of the PIU, part of the EL project, is envisaged.
It is foreseen to activate the hoist when switching the anti-blower fan and lowering it to the lower position with its accompanying sound and light signaling.
Climate splitting systems with capacities according to calculated heat losses and cooling loads are provided for air conditioning. The indoor units are for high-wall installation, operating at full recirculation and providing the room temperature regime.

In cooperation with SNT Rachinski