Gen.Cimerman str.N22

Air conditioning

Climate splitting systems with capacities according to calculated heat losses and cooling loads are provided for air conditioning. The indoor units are for high-wall installation, operating at full recirculation and providing the room temperature regime. Fresh air is provided by natural ventilation through openable doors and windows. The outdoor units of all air conditioners are located on the facades of the building. Condensate is taken to the nearest sewer branch with an S-shaped siphon at the junction. Each air conditioning unit has a separate remote control for individually setting the temperature levels. Moisture parameters are not normalized.

Ventilation sanitary units

Exhaust suction ventilation is provided by the sanitary premises by means of axial fans with self-closing valve mounted on a wall. Fan start and control has a serial key parallel to the one for the lighting. The contaminated air is thrown over the roof of the building with an air duct. The air will be compensated by adjoining rooms.

Heating sanitary facilities

The heating of the auxiliary rooms is decided by means of electric radiators, waterproofing, for wall mounting with built-in thermostat.

In cooperation with SNT Rachinski