NSB Sport Palace Varna

The heat supply of the substation is provided by obtaining a heat carrier from a boiler room hotel building. The distribution header has dimensions Φ220 mm L = 2300mm 7 nozzles. It ensures the distribution of the heat carrier to the consumers as follows:
- 12pcs floor FCUs of 6.36 kW type are installed in front of the windows to prevent the formation of condensation and cover the heat losses.
- The heating of auxiliary rooms on the first floor - aluminum radiators with number of gladiers according to the capacity required for the respective room and indicated on the schematic, as well as tower rails for the wet rooms.

- To pipe heat exchangers for 380kW pool water heating
- Two DHW heaters up to 35kW
- To Convectors heating pool hall 76kW
- Towards radiators heating auxiliary premises 12kW
- To SOT Supply Ventilation Assistance Room 48kW
- To the SOT Supply Ventilation Pool Hall 158kW

Each Ventilation HEX is equipped with a three-way regulating valve, a filter and a stop valve. The filters are equipped with filters, non-return valves for thermometers and shut-off valves, as well as automatic deaerators for the highest points.
The circulation of water from the water distribution headers to the individual consumers is realized by means of circulating pumps "GRUNDFOS" with flow and pressures according to the calculated ones. The water headers are connected with bypass with a butterfly valve Ф125. The main pipelines for the heat supply will be made of steel seamless tubes and the rest of the PPR Stabi. All pipes will be insulated with microporous rubber б = 13mm.


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