Scandal - Mall CCS

Indoor air conditioning for the commercial part - Fan coil units - a four pipe system operating with parameters covering heat and cooling loads.
Each FCU will suck recirculation air from the volume above the suspended ceiling. A fresh air at the inlet of each individual convector ending with an adjusting valve will be fed through a galvanized steel duct. After the mixing of the two streams and the air treatment, it is fed back into the room by means of a plumb line and a flexible insulated duct to a linear diffuser type ASM 1200-4. All the diffisers have regulating sections. The boxes and plenums are heat-insulated to prevent condensation on their surfaces. In order to achieve the recirculation air intake over the suspended ceiling, transfer grids are installed in a vertical plane, in the skirt of the gypsum board at the front of the store, transfer grids, in the line of the dispensers and in the absence of a vertical gypsum board in the rear Part of the shop to the glazed facade.