Omega SPA

The subject of the project are:

Air-conditioning of the residential part;
Ventilation and air conditioning fitness, bar;
Ventilation and air conditioning Massage, dressing rooms;
Ventilation and air conditioning Sky bar;
Ventilation sanitary units and kitchens;
           The air temperature in hotel rooms will be maintained throughout the year according to the season. Climate VRV systems of direct evaporation are selected. Internal bodies for high-wall installation are selected.
For Skybar 80 seats at elevation +18.00 there are two separate symmetrically located suction ventilation systems. The exhaust of the exhaust air will be over the building's ridge by a galvanized steel duct located in the ventilation shaft to an elevator. Air suction for each system is through three wall ventilation grilles type SHN 600/100 and three ceiling ventilation grilles type SPK4 595 for booths.
The supply systems are also two - symmetrically located. Calculations for the required flow rate are made on the basis of the required air quantity for category 'A' => 40-100% of smokers. Fresh air is taken from the facade by a fixed louvred grid. For winter mode, the air is preheated with an electric calorifier and finally with a direct air evaporator. It is supplied through an insulated duct made of galvanized sheet metal and distributed through the wall ventilation grids evenly in the room. The systems are designed to operate entirely in fresh air. For summer mode the air is cooled by a duct air conditioner and fed into the room.