Restaurant "Asia" - Varna

Exhaust ventilation Kitchen hood- СВ 1

Above the heat-cooker kitchen appliances is provided a stainless-steel kitchen suction cup. It is connected to a system with a flow rate of 4000m3 / h, air and vapor being discharged via a polyamid duct with a rectangular cross-section in the horizontal section and with a circular cross-section of Ф500mm taken out over the roof of the building. The kitchen suction is complete with oil filters and four control valves. The fan providing the required flow and head is a centrifugal exhaust engine type MB 354 Ex / Explosion-proof / mounted in a soundproof box. When the air duct passes through the wall of the room, it is provided with a 450 / 450mm. The fan is connected to the air duct by soft connections to prevent vibration transmission.

Fresh air ventilation Kitchen - HB 1

In order to compensate the exhausted air, an exhaust ventilation installation SV-1 is provided. Fresh air is taken from the facade of the building. The two ventilation systems are designed to operate simultaneously, with an electric calorifier for preheating in the winter operating mode. A fan that provides the necessary pressure feeds the air through a mosquito air duct to a 800/300 ventilation grille. Input system also includes NVR, PIR and Filter
A negative balance is planned to avoid smell from the kitchen to the visitors' room.