To ensure the necessary fresh air in the room and to provide the necessary air exchange, a suction and exhaust ventilation system is designed. The calculations are based on the number of people staying. The suction ventilation system EV-1 serves to suck and expel the contaminated air from the room. The air is sucked in by ventilation grilles type СВР 400/100. The exhaust of the exhaust air is to the roof of the building

In order to compensate the exhausted air, as well as to provide fresh air, an incoming SV-1 ventilation installation is provided. Fresh air is taken from the facade of the building. The two ventilation systems are designed to operate simultaneously, with an electric calorifier for additional heating in the winter operation mode. The supply of air is via a duct to the ventilation grilles. The air supply is through two ventilation grilles type CBP 400/100.
A positive balance is provided in order to avoid smell from the kitchen to the visitors' room.
Above the heat-cooker kitchen appliances is provided a stainless-steel kitchen suction cup. It is connected to a system with a flow rate of 750m3 / h, and air and vapors are discharged through a polyameric duct to the roof of the building. The kitchen suction is complete with oil filters and an adjusting valve. The fan providing the required flow and head is centrifugal with an APM 225/4 engine mounted in a soundproof box.