The heating center consists of: Pellet boiler HERZ PELESTAR 30 (Heat output 30 kW, Tinst 80/60 C, operating at Tout = -11 C, Buffer tank for internal heating system, Water headers, Domestic hot water tank 300 l. With two coils and an electric heater.
The boiler is equipped with the necessary automatic control for all circulating pumps and actuators of the three-way valves, including the DHW recirculation pump to the consumers. An electronic circulator with the required flow and pressure makes the fluid flow in the small circle (boiler only - at initial start) and after opening the three-way valve to the buffer tank. The system is equipped with a safety valve, an expansion vessel before and after the buffer tank, and a distribution and collection collector. Circulation pumps delivering heat transfer to individual circuits are located at the manifold as follows:
- The DHW cylinder has two coils. One heat exchanger is fed to the one coil from the boiler plant. A circulator pump is provided on the riser, the necessary stop and adjustment fittings, a filter and a return valve. There is also the option of heating the boiler via an electric heater. This principle of operation is controlled and controlled only by the boiler's automation, which is equipped with: external temperature sensor of all risers, buffer tank and boiler.
- The second riser is provided with a circulating pump, the necessary shut-off and regulating fittings, a filter and a return valve and is fed to the internal boiler installation consisting of Baths and Radiators. The fluid is distributed to the consumers, tubular piping from PPR pipes under the slab, the suspended ceilings of each floor, vertical passage through the slab, and power to the top heating radiators. Automatic deaerators, drain faucets are provided. Pipes to the consumers are PPR and have dimensions and cross sections according to flow rate calculations.