Residential building.
The building consists of: 1. First floor (elevation ± 0,00 = 531,60) - entrance hall, boiler room, toilet, kitchen with dining area and living room. 2. Second floor (elevation +3,00 = 534,60) - corridor with laundry, closet, 2 bathrooms / WC and 3 bedrooms. The connection between the two levels is realized through a reinforced concrete staircase.

Part Energy Efficiency

The heating is done with aluminum gilding radiators for the living quarters and pounds for the bathrooms. Each radiator is equipped with a shut-off and regulating fitting and a thermocoupled thermocouple. The system receives a 20kW pellet boiler in the boiler room. Circulation pump feeds water 80/60 ° C to heaters via floor distribution boxes for hidden installation. Three-way valve with motor actuator ensures the priority heating of the domestic hot water tank 300 liters, and subsequent transfer to the heating system.

In cooperation with SNT Rachinski