Gorna Traka

The thermal center consists of: air-to-water heat pump (16kW heat pump, Tinst 45/40 C operating at Tout = -11 C, Buffer vessel for indoor air conditioning, water collector and water collector, domestic hot water tank 300l with two coils Electric heaters and heaters Fan heaters, bathroom pans and radiators, and underfloor heating for the sanitary premises.

The DHW cylinder has two coils. A heat transfer medium from the solar installation is supplied to the second coil. The pump group is located in a technical unit, controlled by a differential thermostat. The vertical bars to the collector are made of copper pipes with thermal insulation. The solar panel vacuum tube with 20pcs pipes is located on the roof.

A ventilation system is provided for the entire building. Suction ventilation for room air evacuation and forced air in-room system. A highly efficient air-handling recuperation unit with built-in plate / air / air heat exchanger (passive recuperation) serves to provide the airflow for the suction and exhaust ventilation installations by crossing the two streams to absorb the waste air of the exhaust air. A heating section - an electric boiler mounted directly after the regenerative block in the supply air duct, ensures the warming of the intake air during winter operation. The facilities are installed under the ceiling in the technical grade at ± 0,00.

In cooperation with SNT Rachinski